Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Chronic Pain Comebacks: Women In Pain Conference 2015 Preview

I am so honored to be a panelist at For Grace's upcoming annual Women In Pain Conference for the second year in a row! Building on last year's theme of "Accepting Our New Normal," my panel this year will address the art of the comeback.

What does a comeback look like when you suffer from debilitating chronic pain? The truth is, it looks different for everyone... and more often than not, it's a fluid process rather than a static achievement.

Just a few days ago, my fellow panelist Christina Kish and I connected with Lene Andersen for an interview about how we use unusual activities like burlesque and pole dance in our own ongoing comebacks. Check out the full article here, and I hope you'll join me in person or via social media for the WIP Conference on September 11!

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